Rousa Kyprou

I am a UKRCP Registered Independent Counsellor / Psychotherapist accredited by the BACP. My theoretical orientation is in Integrative Counselling and I work within a relational model of practice.

Integrative counselling aims to integrate different counselling techniques and its view is that no single approach works for every situation.

Working Integratively, my aim is to recognise and value the use of Humanistic perspectives with Psychodynamic and Developmental theories. Person-centred counselling believes that all persons have within themselves resources for growth, to move towards self direction and autonomy, provided there are 'good enough' conditions.
Person-centred therapy stresses the importance of individual experience while at the same time acknowledges our interdependence.

Psychodynamic work on the other hand, involves exploration of your view of the world and how this may link with your experiences of the past. Psychodynamic counselling uses the therapeutic relationship to gain insight into relationship patterns that have evolved since childhood.
Memories and early relationships are explored to make sense of current concerns.
Therapy can provide a safe setting in which habitual ways of responding to problems, and past conflicts, can be assessed. In my practice I work creatively and coherently using a range of perspectives depending on individual needs.

I have experience and a special interest in working with relationship problems, post-traumatic stress, bereavement, depression, work-related issues and addiction.

If you feel you would like to see me, an initial consultation can be arranged, which will be an opportunity for you to decide whether you want to commit to future counselling. Sessions last 55 minutes and cost £40.